Your partner for a more efficient medical practice

Physicians don’t go into medicine so they can stay up entering data into an EMR system on Friday nights. Medical office managers have better things to do than wait on hold as an insurance company looks up the status of their claims. Patients hate waiting two hours at the doctor’s office only to have a rushed, three-minute conversation with the doctor.

Nsight understands these things, and that’s why we’re here. We launched our firm with a mission to support medical practices by providing services that relieve the burden of back-office tasks. Whether you’re running a small medical practice, a major multi-physician clinic, or even a hospital, Nsight can be your go-to resource for performing administrative tasks quickly and at a low cost. That means you’ll be able to devote more time and resources to your patients.

When you choose Nsight as your outsourcing partner for administrative services, you’ll enjoy:

  • Customizable services. We don’t offer pre-packaged services on an all-or-nothing basis. Instead, we listen to your needs and design services that will address your most urgent administrative priorities.
  • Flexible terms. There’s no need to lock into a long-term contract with Nsight if you only need short-term help. We offer contracts as short as 30 days, and we let you pay on a month-to-month basis.
  • Better cash flow and greater profitability. At Nsight, we have an outstanding track record of collecting outstanding A/R balances from insurance companies. Better yet, we won’t discount receivables and take a 50% commission. Instead, we’ll retrieve your money for a flat fee. We think you’ll agree this arrangement works out much more favorably for your practice.
  • Our Processes are result-centric and independent of technology. Nsight team of experts have wide experience and deep understanding of multiple technology tools used in Healthcare Documentation and Revenue Cycle Management functions. We are technology agnostic and leverage our experience & expertise to provide excellent financial results using the technology available at the Practice, or suggest cloud-based and efficient solutions to replace the existing software / technology at minimal cost.

We can’t tell you how best to run your practice – you’re the one with the vision and experience to make those decisions. Our roleis to eliminate the back-office barriers that stand between you and your patients, so that your practice can achieve lasting success.

Learn more about our services. Or call us at (877) 674-4487 for a free consultation.