Run a better business without impacting patient care

Most people don’t see a medical practice as a business – but you know better. Today, you’re more focused than ever on efficiency and profitability. As the requirements of the Affordable Care Act go into effect and the medical industry looks toward an ever-changing future, it’s your job to master the back office so that your physicians can continue to focus on patients.

How can you manage your expanding administrative workload in ways that preserve the quality of care at your practice? One approach would be to increase your team’s headcount. Unfortunately, few clinics can afford to recruit, hire, train, and compensate an expanded staff. That’s why it makes sense to work with a partner that can not only help you meet EMR requirements cost-effectively, but also address your transcription workload and offer valuable assistance in chasing down payments.

That partner is Nsight.

Solve your biggest problems – and protect your profits

At Nsight, we specialize in helping medical practice business leaders like you solve your biggest administrative challenges:

  • Mountains of data entry. The task of entering data into EMR is a bottleneck for most medical practices. Not only is there an enormous volume of work, but it takes specialized skill to navigate the interfaces of most EMR systems. Nsight’s skilled and dedicated teams can enter data directly into your EMR for your most data-intensive patients—or for your entire patient load. We provide outsourced EMR services that help medical practices gain government incentives and avoid penalties. We also offer less-than-24-hour turnaround time and guaranteed accuracy for all your medical transcriptions.
  • Unsteady cash flow. If your practice has ever struggled with peaks and valleys in your revenue stream, it’s probably because you can’t predict how soon insurance companies will actually issue you the payments you’ve earned. But don’t devote even more time to following up on claims – leave revenue cycle management to us. Nsight can help you with insurance verification, billing, and collection. We’ll also code your claims correctly the first time, reducing your need to follow up with insurance companies.
  • Scheduling. Just scheduling, rescheduling, and following up with patients can consume a significant portion of your staff’s daily hours. But your patients expect prompt, friendly service as they make appointments. They’ll continue to get it when you outsource your scheduling tasks to Nsight.

Ask us how to eliminate obstacles to profitability

Streamline your back-office tasks and track down payments sooner so that your medical practice can deliver better patient care at a lower cost. Nsight understands the challenges your medical practice faces and has designed services that can help you overcome the obstacles to sustainable profitability. Find out more today. Call us at (877) 674-4487 for a free consultation.