Tap into a whole team of expert consultants

Companies in virtually every industry outsource certain business processes. For example, corporations engage accountants at tax time, purchase managed IT services to keep their servers running, and even hire janitorial services to clean their offices.

Your medical practice probably engages outside firms for many activities. So, why not find a trustworthy partner to provide well-trained labor for your most urgent administrative tasks?

Nsight provides human cloud services that give medical practices easy access to the people they need, when they need them. By connecting you with a readily available supply of skilled workers, we can help reduce your administrative burden so you can get back to focusing on delivering outstanding patient care.

Don’t hire a person. Hire a team.

When most medical practices find themselves in need of more administrative assistance, they choose one of two options. Larger organizations often engage a staffing firm, paying high rates for the convenience of finding the skilled contract employees they need. Smaller organizations often hire part-time employees to catch up on the most pressing administrative tasks.

Both approaches come with a major drawback: if you’re relying on one contractor or employee to keep your back office moving forward, you run the risk of falling behind when that person become unavailable.

That’s why Nsight designed a human cloud for medical practices. With the human cloud, you’re not hiring one person – you’re hiring a team that’s trained to meet a wide variety of your administrative needs.

The Nsight human cloud is:

  • Flexible. You pay only for the hours and days you need help, and you’re never locked into a lengthy contract.
  • Diverse. We’ll connect you with specialists in virtually every aspect of running the business side of a medical practice.
  • Cost-effective. Compared to the high prices of engaging a major staffing firm or hiring part-time employees, the human cloud is available at reasonable rates.
  • Turnkey. Our experts come to your practice fully trained and ready to work. We also handle the management of our human resources so that you don’t have to take on any extra paperwork or hassle with your consultants.

We’re ready to go when you are

Need a skilled bookkeeper to start on Monday? Want some overflow help as you enter data for 15 new patients into your system? Don’t have the budget to hire new employees, or the time to train them from the ground up? Ask Nsight about our human cloud services.