Keep patient care as your top priority

As a physician, you know that the biggest thing standing between you and your patients is paperwork and data entry– and lots of it. Every hour you spend maintaining medical records, filing insurance claims, or chasing overdue payments is an hour you’re not delivering the care patients need.

As you try to balance the business and medical responsibilities of your practice, you face longer hours. More stress. Less job satisfaction. And ultimately, a lower quality of care for patients. This isn’t why you wanted to become a doctor. Don’t just throw time and money at the problem. Work with a reliable partner that can help you meet EMR requirements as easily and cost-effectively as possible. Work with Nsight.

Cure your biggest headaches – and focus on patients

At Nsight, we specialize in helping doctors solve the biggest challenges that can threaten the quality of care you deliver:

  • Massive transcription workload. The sheer volume of work you must do in your EMR can be a major drag on the efficiency of your practice – but you can’t cut corners on quality. Nsight skilled and dedicated teams offer less than 24-hour turnaround time and guaranteed accuracy for all your medical transcriptions. Nsight can even enter data directly into your EMR. We also have expertise in a diverse range of medical specialties.
  • Delinquent payments. Waiting on payments from insurance companies hurts the cash flow of your practice – but chasing down money can be extremely time-consuming. Why not leave revenue cycle management to us? Nsight can help your staff with everything from patient scheduling and insurance verification to billing and collection. And because we code your claims correctly the first time, we reduce the need for follow-ups with insurance companies.
  • Regulatory challenges. If your practice doesn’t go electronic soon, you’ll miss out on government incentives – and even face penalties in the form of reduced Medicare reimbursements. Nsight specializes in providing outsourced EMR services that help medical practices reach full compliance quickly and cost-effectively.

Ask us how to deliver better care at a lower cost

Spend less time dealing with insurance companies and performing routine office tasks – so you can spend more time with patients and family. Nsight understands the challenges your medical practice faces and has designed services that can help you deliver higher quality care at a lower cost. Find out more today. Call us at (877) 674-4487 for a free consultation.