Focus on your patients – and leave the back office to us

When you went into medicine, you weren't planning to spend long hours punching data into computers, filling out paperwork, and fighting with insurance companies for payments. But back office tasks can be a burden for you and your staff.

That's where Nsight comes in. We understand the business and administrative burdens placed on medical practices – and how time consuming they are. And so we developed customized office services and HR solutions that can reduce the time doctors spend entering data, processing insurance claims, and maintaining medical records. As a result, doctors can now devote more time to providing care – and lower the costs of running their practices.

As a company co-founded by a physician, Nsight is passionate about helping doctors perform at their absolute best and enabling them to spend the most time with patients – so that they can improve the health of their communities.

We know where your biggest challenges lie. More importantly, we know from experience the most cost-effective ways to solve them.

Medical Transcription

Nsight’s timely and accurate services support the efficiency of your clinical practice. Our skilled and dedicated teams offer less than 24-hour turnaround time and guarantee 98.5% accuracy for all medical transcriptions.

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For Physicians

Don’t just throw time and money at the problem. Work with a reliable partner that can help you meet EMR requirements as easily and cost-effectively as possible. Work with Nsight.

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Revenue Cycle Management

With a commitment to provide exceptional customer service and to ensure prompt process support, we deploy best practices to provide comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions.

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