Business process outsourcing: Run a better, leaner medical practice

Your medical organization needs to deliver higher quality care at a lower cost – even in the midst of ever-changing regulations that add to your administrative burden. Most hospitals, clinics, and private practices try to tackle these challenges alone by asking their existing office staffs to do more. But that’s not a realistic long-term strategy – especially as the task of staying in compliance with regulations requires increasing levels of medical knowledge and technical expertise.

Fortunately, there’s a better way: outsourcing. Just as corporations in nearly every industry outsource key business processes such as IT and accounting, your medical practice can save money and increase your focus on patients by outsourcing business processes such as medical transcription, revenue lifecycle management, and EMR.

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Leave your administrative needs to us

Our business process outsourcing solutions let medical providers and healthcare organizations focus on their practice and patients – not computers, servers, paperwork, or HR headaches. In each engagement, we combine industry best practices, sophisticated technology, and proprietary methodologies to improve client satisfaction and reduce costs.

Call on Nsight for:

  • Medical transcription and scribing services. Boost the efficiency of your entire practice. Nsight delivers transcriptions with guaranteed accuracy in a turnaround time of less than 24 hours. Our skilled team has expertise in a diverse range of medical specialties, including endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, radiology, and nuclear medicine.
  • Revenue cycle management services. Recover your funds more quickly – and get exceptional customer service throughout the process. Founded by a doctor, Nsight knows how important it is for medical practices to receive payments promptly. That’s why we apply our industry knowledge to accelerate all your revenue cycle processes. We’re especially skilled at selecting the right code for each medical procedure. As a result, your practice can benefit from higher productivity, faster payments, and reduced administrative costs.
  • Scribing support for meaningful use attestation. Meet or exceed the requirements of the Affordable Care Act so that you can not only earn incentives, but also avoid penalties. Nsight provides scribing services that take the burden of electronic record keeping away from your practice. Let Nsight manage the data entry into your EMR while you focus on delivering exceptional care and recover your work/life balance.

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